Our opening event of 2018 is FREE and deeply rooted in our local community. Join us for a tribute to John Fisher, Ted Hughes’s — and Mexborough Grammar School’s — inspirational English teacher.

The event is FREE and will be held at Mexborough St. John the Baptist Church on Tuesday 24th April, starting at 7pm and running until 8.15pm.

John Fisher taught at Mexborough Grammar School from the late 1930s until the early 1970s, serving variously as a teacher of English, Head of English and Head of Sixth Form. In his various roles he developed a reputation as a witty, unconventional and charismatic teacher, able to inspire his pupils with a love of literature, performance and music —his beloved Beethoven was just as important to him as his literary loves Shakespeare, the Romantics, D.H. Lawrence, T.S. Eliot and Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Fisher is most famous for his influence on his protégé Ted Hughes — along with the equally charismatic Pauline Mayne — he inspired Hughes to become a poet and famously helped him negotiate the entrance requirements for Cambridge University.

Hughes was always eager to recognise Fisher’s seminal influence on him, and remained a close friend of Fisher until the latter’s death in 1980. Hughes composed a moving eulogy for Fisher, which he read at his funeral at Mexborough St. John the Baptist Church.

Important as it is, and proud of it as he was, Fisher’s influence on Mexborough goes far beyond Ted Hughes — generations of Mexborough Grammar School students remember Fisher’s pedagogical and personal influence with great fondness and gratitude, and we will be hearing tributes from some of them— written and in person —on the night. The evening will also include readings of work by poets that were important to Fisher.

Later in life Hughes said of Fisher that he ‘loved’ him, so ‘he could teach me anything’. We want this event to reach out and tap into those who were taught by Fisher, or knew him or of him. Bring your own stories or photos on the night.

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