We All Write Now on Wednesdays from 7 to 9pm on any given theme.
Overseen by streetwise poet Ralph, we contemplate, deliberate in thought and share,
What we dare, for a while. As weeks have passed we’ve come to know each other’s style.
One infused with young love, fulfilling all her dreams, life changing and affirming
Green tender shoots are her poetic anchor, the navy in her roots
One holds a cornucopia of overflowing scientific words he hones to perfection
He dazzles with his knowledge and command of verse through natural selection .
One matter of fact, blunt, a series of truths laid out before us, take them as we find
Redacted text that concentrates the mind on how we’ve ravaged nature’s habitat or killed an innocent.
One strives to perfect an Anglo-Saxon symmetry, his delicate fingers beat out the incessant
Thoughts of artificial intelligence, spanning a thousand plus years in spaced out verse in twenty minutes.
One is sighing out every phrase, her sylph-like contemplative gaze belies her all seductive passion.
One displays her thoughts as if her poem is a work of art she has painted
Framed and hung in the corridor outside, knowing there is a place for it.
One searches for hers, nervous, hesitant , her inner angst brings forth an apology but her trilogy
Is the most personal and moving , though she herself is yet to be convinced
One, studious and affably meticulous, is the steadying hand that can be relied upon to amaze
With his perfect exposition of how a poem should be written.
One takes us on epic descriptive voyages, though complex, we are smitten by the ease of their transmission
And his knack of holding our attention with casual dialogue between characters.
Two, published poets, I think, both practised and assured, keep it short, sharp and incisive
They know their power, the bitter sweet eloquence of love turned sour knifes you in the heart
One so affable can’t be so cynical, it must be poetic license of course …..or remorse!
One conjuring the image of the poet who suffers quietly for his art, but which of the two, are you?
One told me on our first meeting he’d written 30 love sonnets for my namesake, a Valerie he once knew
Sadly he literally fell by the wayside, so I never had a clue if they were any good or got the chance to hear
Anything new from him or satisfy my curiosity to know what he had rhymed with Valerie….
Is she as lovely as a tree leaving him in reverie? And as for me…….. I’m one who
Discovered shaping and hoped to raise a smile with what Ralph calls my very direct narrative style.

Poem by Val, a regular Write On Mexborough! writer.

Write on Mexborough! is led by experienced and published tutor-writers.  Members old and new are welcome.  It runs weekly from September to March, with an extended summer break.  If you’re interested in joining the next iteration, email info@tedhughesproject.org to register your interest.